Thank you for taking the time to help us raise funds for our organization. The South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership (SEARRP), which is located in the Danum Valley Conservation Area in Malaysian Borneo, is dedicated to enabling and promoting world-class research into tropical forests. SEARRP works with scientists from around the world to study, protect and restore rainforests and deliver transformative skills, sustainability and conservation impacts.  

The Covid-19 crisis caused much of our core funding to dry up almost overnight - threatening the continuous monitoring and essential research, which SEARRP has done at Danum Valley since 1985. Halting this important science would have a profound effect on SEARRP’s ability to support the future research that underpins the protection and restoration of rainforests. To ensure this vital research program can continue we are now looking to raise at least US$100,000 by the end of the year. All gifts – large and small – will be hugely appreciated and will go directly to maintaining the unique data collection and monitoring programs, which are crucial for the future of our rainforests.

If you want to learn more about our program please visit our website or if you want to experience Danum Valley firsthand, you can do it virtually on Discovery Channel's Field Trips on Instagram.

Examples of how your can contribute towards SEARRP’s ongoing work:

•   $1,000 would co-fund one of our Malaysian research assistants to work on an orang-utan monitoring project for 2 months 

•   $20,000 would pay one of our Research Assistant's salaries (like Unding our tree climbing expert!) salary for 1 year

•   $50,000 would co-fund SEARRP’s policy development unit for 1 year – a team which takes the science generated through SEARRP to develop conservation, restoration and sustainability best practice and policy guidance.

•   $100,000 would fund the next 5-yearly re-measurement of a 50 hectare Smithsonian Institution associated primary forest research plot at Danum Valley which aims to advance our understanding of the impacts of climate change on rainforests (and just $100 would pay for the measurement and identification of 200 trees as part of this study

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